Yellowstone Ultrasound 2017

We're at it again!

This is the third year of the Yellowstone Ultrasound Event and it just keeps getting better.
This year we will be at a new location in the amazing Teton Village, WY.

Ready to immerse yourself in total hands-on ultrasound education? This is the place. The three-day course will take place at the Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Wyoming.

Beginner and Advanced

All levels will be addressed, as basic and advanced topics will both be discussed by world class presenters. This year we've added ResusFest as an added bonus. You can now get all kinds of learn(s?) on!



  • May 28-30

Full Event

Most Popular
  • Full Access
  • May 28-June 1
  • Ultrasound Course and ResusFest


  • May 30 - June 1


Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson

Mike Mallin

Mike Mallin

Jacob Avila

Jacob Avila

Haney Mallemat

Haney Mallemat

Why here

We feel that the environment is very important to learning and there's no place more beautiful than the the Tetons. Each day is half learning and half exploring and we think those two go together pretty well.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide world class presenters and a great learning environment for all levels of learners who wish to take their ultrasound skills to a whole new altitude. Figuratively and literally.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

-Albert Einstein

Reservation Information

Reservation contact information will be available soon.